This is my eden!


I love my neighborhood! It must be one of the greenest parts of Ljubljana. When I look through my window I see trees and I more often hear birds singing than cars passing by. Our apartment building was built in mid fifties when living standards were relatively high. Apart from comfortable flats, that also meant that its surroundings were designed to provide a community place where people would gather and spent their time. What always fascinates me is how clever they were back than. Cooperation between architects and urbanists created a pleasant green living space in the middle of the city, something that we aim at today, but is not always possible anymore.


My balcony is one of my shelters. When working at home, I like to make a pause and take a coffee outside. What I love even more are those warm summer nights when there’s no one on the street anymore, just pleasant silence. And a glass of a good red wine.


This year I’m making an experiment. Already in previous years I had all sorts of aromatic herbs, tomatoes, strawberries and flowers. So this year I wanted to see how it would work to plant some real veggies that I could actually use when cooking, like cucumbers, zucchini, salad, spinach, tomatoes and artichokes.



Eventhough it’s a small garden there’s a lot of work to be done. But I don’t mind. I must say that I’m really proud of myself. It feels so good going out on your balcony and picking up your own salads that you’ve seeded and watch them grow. It just makes me so happy. Besides, it’s sustainable and you know where your food comes from. Everyone who has some space should do its garden. It can work, so no excuses for not doing it!